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Family Law

The Family Courts handle many types of cases.  Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, DCYF, Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and even some Adult Proceedings.

Family Court


Divorce is a daunting experience – your world as you know it is about to change: Let attorney Biafore be your voice to advocate for your interests in the complex court system.  Because of his experience, he can explain to you what the most likely reasonable outcome will be the first day you consult with him.  However, he will fight tooth and nail for you throughout the process to make sure you are completely satisfied with his services.  Complicated issues arise with child custody, visitation, alimony, and real estate during the divorce proceedings.  Attorney Biafore has the experience needed to be your voice and represent your individual interests in court.  Often times the attorneys will meet in the judge’s chambers or at bench conferences before the case is actually heard on the record before a Judge.  You need Attorney Biafore’s experience for these conferences.  He will explain to you when you actually have to attend court and at what time.  Do not waste time with an inexperienced lawyer.  There are many proceedings that can occur without the client’s attendance. You can trust Attorney Biafore to attend these proceedings for you so that your day is not disrupted.  And when it is necessary for you to attend court, Christopher has the knowledge to make a foreign experience as comfortable as possible while obtaining favorable results for you.  

Child Custody

Attorney Christopher Biafore understands that the most important issue regarding children is having joint custody.  Both parents should be able to continue to raise their children as they did when they were married so long as they are fit and proper parents.  Both parents should be involved in deciding on their children’s health, educational and extracurricular activities.  The party who does not have primary physical placement of the children needs an experienced attorney to help foster an adequate parenting time schedule.  The holidays, vacations and birthday need to be spelled out in a Court Order.  Obviously, a schedule can be modified from time to time by agreement of both parties, but in the absence of an agreement, an explicit Court Order will dictate the schedule. Let Attorney Biafore work with you to achieve a Court Order that you will be satisfied with.  He will fight to get exactly what you want while being honest and realistic with your throughout the process.

Child Support

The law states that the custodial parent is entitled to child support to be paid to them by the noncustodial parent.  There is a formula the State of Rhode Island uses to calculate these payments, the Rhode Island Family Court Child Support Formula and Guidelines.  Each party is entitled to certain credits.  Attorney Biafore will guide you through the child support process in detail so that you have a full understanding of the child support law.  There are a number of different ways to pay child support as well.  Attorney Biafore will review these options with you in detail and tell you what you will be expected to pay or receive in child support. Also medical insurance and uninsured medical, dental and orthodontist expenses need to be included in an order to protect your children. Other expenses that should be addressed include child care costs and extracurricular activities so that the children can enjoy their regular routine without interruption.


This is nothing quite as scary as the State getting involved with your children’s life.  Anyone who has a peeve with DCYF needs to contact an experienced attorney immediately.  There are rules the State must follow and you need an attorney that is aware and understands the rules and is in your corner.  The DCYF attorneys, caseworkers, and child advocates all know each other because they work together every day, so you need an attorney who knows them as well. Attorney Biafore has extensive experience and knows that your children are the most important thing in your life. Contact him immediately so that he can guide you on how to get DCYF out of your life. Whether it is a dependency petition, neglect, abuse petition, a daycare license issue, an adoption or any other matter under DCYF jurisdiction,  Christopher Biafore has the experience to fight for you. Contact Attorney Christopher J. Biafore today for a free consultation.

Juvenile Proceedings

The Family Court has jurisdiction to handling criminal cases charged against children who have not attained the age of 18. This is a line of legal representation that very few attorneys have experience with.  Attorney Biafore has extensive experience representing juveniles in the Family Court. These proceedings are very different from Adult criminal proceedings in a number of different ways. One example is that there is no setting of bail for juveniles who have been charged with a criminal offense.  The Judge will determine what the least restrictive means is to protect the juvenile and the community when he or she decides where the child will reside while the case proceeds.  This could be anywhere from being released home with no restrictions (other than keeping the peace and remaining on good behavior), to incarceration in the Rhode Island Training School.  There are many options in between and Attorney Biafore will fight diligently for the best result for his clients.  Christopher Biafore has the experience to represent juveniles from the initial stage until the case is resolved.

If your child is arrested or summoned to the court, or even contacted by the police to give a statement or to be interviewed, do not do anything until you speak to attorney Biafore first.  Anything you say can and will be used against your child.  It is imperative to consult with an experienced attorney before you speak to anyone else if you find yourself or a loved one in this predicament.


If you ask ten different divorce lawyers in Rhode Island how much it will cost you do get divorced, you will receive ten different prices, and none of them will be the exact amount.  This is because almost all divorce lawyers will start the case by collecting a retainer, and they will bill you every month hourly by deducting from the retainer and demanding that you continue to pay additional retainers when the funds are exhausted until the matter is completed.  The attorney will provide you monthly invoices billing for everything he or she does including all phone calls, letters, preparation time and of course court appearances.  You will not know what that bill will be every month until you receive it.

Attorney Christopher Biafore charges one flat fee.  After you sit down with him for a free consultation, Attorney Biafore will explain to you what he feels he will accomplish for you and quote you a flat fee to achieve your goals.  That fee is determined by his years of experience and what he anticipates the amount of time he will need to resolve your issues favorably.  Whether the amount of time and work turns out to be more or less than what he anticipated, the fee does not change.  You will of have comfort knowing that if you call him regularly or if he attends multiple court appearances, or regardless of how many hours he has to work, you will not receive a bill every month.  The fee is the fee.  Your obligation is to pay the flat fee, and his obligation is to get you the results you deserve.

Call Attorney Biafore today to schedule your free consultation.


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