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Traffic Court 

Traffic Violations

Traffic Court is unique in Rhode Island because they have their own court system – The Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.  Whether you get a speeding ticket or a refusal to submit to a breathalyzer, it is important to contact an experienced attorney.  Attorney Biafore has handled hundreds of traffic court offenses and can handle yours with favorable results.  Do not go to traffic court by yourself and sit there for hours.  Rhode Island has a good driving statute that can be used for a dismissal if you have a clean driving record for three years.  There are certain exceptions where a Good Driving Record may not be used, such as an accident, excessive speeds or CDL licenses.  Operators who receive multiple violations within a year are in jeopardy of losing their driver’s license.  Any conviction in the Traffic Court will most likely raise your automobile insurance premiums.  Christopher has learned strategies by being creative to get your violation dismissed.  


Attorney Biafore has years of experience fighting violations for operating without a valid license and operating without insurance.  Attorney Biafore will develop a strategy and fight very hard to keep your license to operate in effect.  Attorney Biafore has had many of these cases dismissed and many clients do not lose their right to operate a motor vehicle.  If you are charged with operating a vehicle without insurance or if you have been in a motor vehicle accident and you did not have active insurance, you need to contact Attorney Biafore immediately.  

Attorney Biafore has experience handling any type of traffic violation in the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal or any of the Municipal Courts.

If you are charged with any traffic court or registry of motor vehicle offense you need to contact Attorney Biafore immediately so he can prepare a strategic defense for you.  You need an attorney who is very experienced and well polished with the Traffic Court proceedings.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Drinking and driving is greatly enforced in the state of Rhode Island.  With easy access to Uber and other like services, there is no good reason to driving after a few cocktails. But in the real world, it could happen to anybody.  After being charged and arrested by the police you are understandably embarrassed and you feel just awful.  Being processed in the police station makes you feel violated.  If you refuse to take the breathalyzer when requested by the police you will be charged in the Traffic Court for the refusal, and you will be charged in the District Court for the criminal charge of driving under the influence.  But now you need to put the past behind you and hire an experienced attorney immediately to strategize a defense.  The Traffic Court will seek to have your license preliminarily suspended at the first court date.

Attorney Biafore has prevented this initial suspension in the past.  He has also been successful with clients not losing their privilege to operate a motor vehicle at all. Rhode Island laws have changed in the recent past to give the attorneys options to obtain hardship licenses allowing people to drive to and from work, as well as other options to maintain your right to drive after being charged with a refusal. There are rules the police must adhere to so that the prosecutors can prove their case against you, therefore you need an experienced attorney who is well polished in the traffic court proceedings. Attorney Biafore has a great track record getting his clients’ refusal cases dismissed.

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