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Reckless driving is a serious criminal charge in the state of Rhode Island. A conviction of this charge can lead to various consequences from potential jail time to losing your license. If you or someone you know is facing this charge, it is important that you have competent legal representation throughout the court process. At Biafore Law, we have helped countless individuals obtain positive outcomes to charges such as reckless driving through diligent investigation and effective defense strategies. With more than 20 years of experience, our attorney has a deep understanding of the law, the court system, and how to successfully fight for optimum results. 

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What Is Reckless Driving in Rhode Island?

Under Rhode Island law, reckless driving consists of operating a vehicle recklessly which endangers the lives or safety of others. It can also include trying to flee from law enforcement. This is generally understood to mean that the driver knew or should have known that his or her driving behavior was dangerous but disregarded that fact.


A first offense of reckless driving is charged as a misdemeanor. Potential penalties include up to a year in jail, a fine of up to $500, and the loss of your license. Second and subsequent offenses are charged as felonies punishable by up to five years in prison, a fine of up to $5,000, and a license suspension. License suspensions are ordered by the DMV for reckless driving convictions. If a third conviction occurs within a 12-month timeframe, your license will be revoked. 

The penalties you will face in any reckless driving conviction will ultimately depend on the specific facts of the case, including whether anyone was injured and the extent of their injuries. Where others have been physically harmed, significant jail sentences will likely apply. 

Being convicted of reckless driving can be a costly experience in terms of your freedom, finances, and driving privileges. These charges can be fought with a vigorous defense strategy. Negotiated agreements can also be made with the prosecution that would include terms and conditions that you would have to meet. Charges may be reduced, sentencing may be reduced, or other arrangements made. You will need the legal skills and advocacy of our Kent County reckless driving attorney who can determine the strategy that will work best for you depending on your case.

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